ART Statement & bio

I believe strongly in the power of ART. Whether it is a painting, A Print, or a sculpture made of mash potatoes. An artist’s touch can be read not just visually, but Also emotionally and psychologically.

My work is primarily abstract and references My Life: everything from homes to hearts to gardens to Play. Lately growth, love, and time are on my mind and in my work.

I often build my work up through layers. There is a certain "reveal" that I want to share with viewers. "Perfect" to me is often a bit raw. I want the process - even the "ugly" parts sometimes - to be seen. It feels authentic. It feels right.

I grew up in northern Michigan and Central Indiana. Four days after graduating from high school, I was on a train traveling cross country. My Three day destination? Yes, Portland, Oregon. After my Cleveland Institute of art and earning my B.F.A. in Painting, I traveled to New Mexico and lived there for two years. Simply beautiful.

Currently I live in the wonderful and creatively rich place of Portland, Oregon with my family. I used to call it "Las Vegas for Hipsters." Now I call it home.