ART Statement & bio

I believe strongly in the power of the handmade. Whether it is a painting, a clay vessel or a sculpture made of mash potatoes and sauteed Vegetables. An artist’s touch can be read not just visually, but emotionally and psychologically.

My work is primarily abstract and references everything from homes to hearts to gardens to Play. Lately growth, love, and time are on my mind and in my work.

Style-wise, I Create paintings that are often bright and full of contrast and patterns. I will begin a painting with an idea, but Allow an intuitive process to guide the Aesthetic decisions and overall composition. I often build my work up through layers. There is a certain "reveal" that I want to share with viewers. "Perfect" to me is often a bit raw. I want the process - even the "ugly" parts sometimes - to be seen. It feels authentic. It feels right.

I grew up in northern Michigan and Central Indiana. Four days after graduating from high school in 1992, I was on a train traveling cross country. My Three day destination? Yes, Portland, Oregon.. But it was only a summer experience. I attended Cleveland Institute of art in the fall and dove into my studies as a fine artist. After earning my B.F.A. in Painting, I traveled to New Mexico, where I lived for two years.

Currently I live in the wonderful and creatively rich place of Portland, Oregon with my family. I used to call it "Las Vegas for Hipsters." Now I call it home.